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Die Update-Webinare zu ANSYS 2019R2 von CADFEM und ANSYS

Anfang Juni ist ANSYS 2019R2 erschienen. Die wesentlichen Neuerungen erfahren Sie in den Live-Webinaren von CADFEM (deutsch) und ANSYS (englisch) – wie immer kostenlos und unverbindlich.


CADFEM Update Webinare


ANSYS Update Webinare

  • ANSYS 2019 R2: medini analyze Update
    am 5. Juni 2019
    ANSYS medini analyze in release 2019 R2 has a number of innovative features and improvements. In the area of semiconductor safety analysis, medini analyze now supports fault injection to simulate the effectiveness of safety mechanisms. Further improvements have been made to increase the integration capabilities of ANSYS medini, especially with version and configuration management systems.

  • ANSYS 2019 R2: SPEOS Update
    am 11. Juni 2019
    Attend this webinar to learn how ANSYS SPEOS in 2019 R2 stretches the limits of digital transformation, offering innovative tools for light guide design that can take advantage of the speed of HPC technology. It supports the autonomous revolution by improving the simulation of lidar, a vital component in vehicle sensor vision. SPEOS also improves collaboration between industrial partners thanks to a proprietary encrypted format, which embeds optical properties while securing intellectual property.

  • ANSYS 2019 R2: Granta Materials Data Update
    am 18. Juni 2019
    Find the Materials Data that You Need. Systems to manage proprietary materials data across design and development teams are essential, but how do you fill gaps in your corporate knowledge? In this webinar, we’ll explore the diverse sources of data provided by Granta Design – a ‘one stop shop’ for your materials data needs, covering metals, plastics, composites, and more. We’ll see how to access this data, and review the latest additions – including a new data source providing input data for simulation.

  • ANSYS 2019 R2: Discovery SpaceClaim Update
    am 19. Juni 2019
    Performance and Usability Upgrades. Attend this webinar to learn about the new features of ANSYS Discovery SpaceClaim in our latest software release, ANSYS 2019 R2. Enhancements include simulation model preparation with shared topology; updated import and export support for the latest file formats; and extended automated feature tracking and constraint ketching in beta. Finally, learn how to use SpaceClaim XL, a newly introduced add-in that helps you to interact and make modifications to large assemblies without sacrificing speed or performance.

  • ANSYS 2019 R2: Mechanical Update
    am 26. Juni 2019
    Attend this webinar to learn about new features and improvements to ANSYS Mechanical in release 2019 R2, including enhancements.

  • ANSYS 2019 R2: Discovery Live and Discovery AIM Update
    am 27. Juni 2019
    Attend this webinar to learn about enhancements to ANSYS Discovery Live, including the addition of electrical conduction simulation, coupled multiphysics — including thermal stress — and instant validation and resurfacing of topology optimization results. A new interactive legend enhances immersive interaction with 3D simulation results, and a new beta feature automatically converts faceted topology optimization results into a precise, surface-based CAD model.

  • ANSYS 2019 R2: SPEOS for the Design Engineer Update
    am 27. Juni 2019
    See Optical Simulation in a New Light with ANSYS SPEOS. With ANSYS SPEOS, optical simulation is accessible to everyone. Attend this webinar to learn how you can perform. optical system optimization and validation within a multiphysics environment.

  • ANSYS 2019 R2: Mechanical User Experience Update
    am 2. Juli 2019
    ANSYS Mechanical Next-Generation User Experience: Join us for this free webinar that highlights ANSYS Mechanical’s next-generation user experience and its key productivity-boosting enhancements. This live webinar will feature a Q&A, offering some additional tips and tricks on how you can benefit from this significant upgrade to the interface.

  • ANSYS 2019 R2: VRXPERIENCE Update
    am 9. Juli 2019
    A New Sound Dimension for Your Product. With ANSYS VRXPERIENCE SOUND, you will see what you hear, and hear what you design. ANSYS VRXPERIENCE SOUND is the premier, comprehensive software solution for sound analysis, measurement of sound quality and 3D Playback. Enhance your brand image and improve the sound quality of your product by listening to and modifying the sound coming from a recording or from CAE.

  • ANSYS 2019 R2: Meshing in Mechanical Update
    am 9. Juli 2019
    ANSYS Mechanical in release 2019 R2 has enhanced meshing capabilities in shell and beam modeling and mesh connections, axisymmetric meshing and more. Attend this webinar to learn how these improved meshing capabilities can help reduce the pre-processing time for fabricated shell/beam structures.

  • ANSYS 2019 R2: Additive Manufacturing Update
    am 11. Juli 2019
    ANSYS additive solutions have been greatly enhanced with the newly available ANSYS Additive Prep product. Attend this webinar to learn how you can orient parts and generate supports with just a few clicks, so you can obtain quick insight into build orientation and advanced support geometries. Discover enhancements to ANSYS Workbench Additive, including expanded AM Wizard capabilities and support logic. Explore the new faceting features in ANSYS Additive Print. Finally, ANSYS Additive Science's microstructure capabilities give you unprecedented insight into a material’s thermal history and microstructure.

  • ANSYS 2019 R2: Fluent Update
    am 16. Juli 2019
    Many important and complex simulation workflows contain dirty, non-watertight geometries, typically requiring extensive clean-up and repair prior to meshing. Join us for this free webinar that spotlights how ANSYS Fluent’s new fault-tolerant workflow may be used to simplify and speed meshing for even the dirtiest geometries with no geometry preparation required



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